What can I do if my credit isn’t good enough?

We have HUD approved counseling programs designed to help you improve your credit.

What if I don’t make enough money?

We work very hard to be sure that our loans affordable for homeowners. We will do our best to provide as much assistance as is available in order to help you qualify, however, we have no control over your income, and we feel it is irresponsible to encourage people to obtain more debt than they can afford.

How much will my payment be?

Our goal is to keep payments at or a round 31% of gross household income, or below. Your individual payment depends on a number of factors including loan type, income, assistance programs, etc… You may use the loan calculator on the financing tab to get a rough estimate.

What if my credit is good and my spouse/partner has bad credit, or vice versa?

It is not required for two people to be on a mortgage note. However, if an individual is not on the mortgage loan, their income will not be considered for eligibility. If one individual makes enough money to qualify for the loan without using his or her partner’s income, then they would have the option to obtain the loan in their name only. This would be a decision that you and your partner would need to make.